Soul Ecology Service Practicum


What is the Soul Ecology Service Practicum (SESP)?

Background: A question that arose frequently at the end of the 2-3 week Soul Ecology Seminar was: how do I integrate the extra-ordinary experiences gained during Soul Ecology into my ordinary, everyday life? With SESP we are creating an opportunity for participants to apply the tools gained during the foundation (a three-month Soul Ecology experience) in a real life situation during the apprenticeship (or Service Practicum).

Program description: Wholeness, balance and health are guiding values for SESP. When we embrace a holistic worldview, engaging the body, the mind and the spirit, we find fulfillment. We have so much creativity. In SESP we exercise and cultivate our choice to become active creators of a spiritually, environmentally and socially sustainable world. SESP provides a supportive and challenging framework for young adults ages 18-25 to ask two fundamental questions: Who am I? And: How do I put my deepest beliefs into daily practice? SESP will be a 5-month long holistic educational experience for individuals who are passionate about becoming leaders and collaborators in the creation of our future.

The Practicum provides:
• A one-month foundation: a crucible for self and social transformation. As individuals and members of a community we explore the nature of our will through work, tap into our inherent creative source through artistic activities, and develop our awareness and imagination through inner practices.

• A four-month apprenticeship: an opportunity for students to apply the tools they gain during the foundation in an organization or business with sustainable values. While learning specific skills in a field of their choice, students practice conscious living in service to the community.

• A two-week closure: a time for integration and forming of next steps. Participants gain tools and experiences leading to a deeper connection with and between their inner selves and their work in the world. Curriculum themes will include: Natural building, organic and biodynamic gardening and farming, movement, theater, improvisation, eurythmy, speech, music, painting, creative writing, meditation, journaling, text study, group process, community studies, and a study of how all these themes interrelate for the individual and the community. SESP is an ideal 13th/14th year for Waldorf and other High School Graduates as a transition into College or University, and as an interlude for college students seeking meaningful education for life.

Organizations and businesses that have expressed interest in collaborating as apprenticeship sites: Vital Systems, Quantum Construction, Sophia House, People's Grocery. Vital Systems is exploring the possibility of using a percentage of their apprentice's salary to make SESP financially sustainable.




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